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VIDHAI supports the students not only by helping them in education but also by giving mentoring – training workshops – employability and placement trainings that helps to succed in life. .

Agaram Vidhai

Working closely with the students from remote parts of Tamilnadu and addressing their challenges helped Agaram to understand the ground realities in providing equal opportunities for quality education. It also helped Agaram to evaluate the needs and made the team realise that their efforts have to become manifold to make any real difference in the lives of these children.

Setup for the specific purpose of putting the benefits of good education within the grasp of the underprivileged, agaram has tried to reach out to the neediest of the millions of disadvantaged children across tamilnadu, predominally first generation learners studying in rural government schools.

Every year agram receives thousands of applications requesting financial help for higher education. There is rigorous scoring system in place to identify deserving students. Students are assisted with application and admission process at various colleges. They are aslo given support to cope with other logistic and economic operations like accommodation, mess fees etc.

In the year 2010, Agaram, with significant contributions from trustees and other donors, gained momentum and started by supporting 160 students from across Tamilnaduand Pondicherry in their pursuit of college education. Since then the program has grown and now supports around 3000 students not only from tamilnadu and Pondicherry but also from neighbouringkerala and Andhra Pradesh.

" Arise..! Awake..! and stop not until the goal is reached "

Agaram’s selection process

Every year we receive thousands of applications requesting financial help for higher education. We have a rigorous scoring system in place to identify deserving students. We assist students with the Application and Admission processes. We also help them with other logistics operations like accommodation, mess fees etc.

Stages of Selection process

Receiving Applications

  • Applications are received for students all over tamilnadu.
  • Deserving students who come from Government Schools across rural Tamilnadu and are first generation College goers are short-listed.

Personal Interview

  • Shortlisted students are called for personal interview.
  • Student’s attitude and willingness to study further are assessed.
  • The genuineness of the details provided by the student/parent or guardian are verified.

House Visit

  • To assess the information and verify the facts provided by the student and their parent/guardian during the personal interview.
  • The financial background and the life style of the student’s family are assessed .

Scoring and Selection

  • The final list of students are given by determining the socio economic scoring against various parameters filled during House visit, along with their academic scores in X & XII exams.

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