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Namadhu Palli

Namadhu Palli

Agaram With the support of our alumnus, students and corporate completed the repair and rebuilding of three of our government schools under the Namathu palli project. Agaram aims to develop the Government school students holistically in terms of Ownership, Skills, kindle their interest in Sports, arts & science. Thus making their learning curve a enjoyable and memorable experience, volunteers are the driving factors for this program, they device and understand the childrens need and become the powerhouse of confidence and guiding factors for the children and completely involve in implementing.

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The entire support for infrastructure of these schools was rendered by corporate, however we understood it is more than important to also intervene and help the children to grow as Competent and confident individuals. Under Namathu palli project we have now adopted three govt schools one at Maraimalai nagar,Karunguzhi and Mount road. Our journey now focuses on grooming the govt school children with all the required skills, as we have realized these kids have a lot of potential and skills. They are our vulnerable change agents and difference when imparted to them is carried through the school their life and society at large, and so far these trainings happen within the school premises in the schools preferred timing.

Our objective is to:

  • To Rebuild and restore schools to equip them with basic amenities to help impart quality education.
  • To Indentify slow learners and help them cope with reading, writing and necessary skills.
  • To Identify students’ interest & Skill and hone them to become successful in their interest.
  • To Identify the potential sports persons from the government school students.
  • To Give the children maximum exposure about various aspects for higher education, work, life skills etc., through continuous workshops and trainings.
  • To Promote environmental education and create awareness on protecting and preserving our natural resources
  • To Retain the students, go to school without dropouts.
  • To Involve the local community of people and parents of children of the school in taking ownership and working towards the betterment of the school.