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Welcome To Agaram Foundation

India is on the cusp of change. The country is marching into the 21st century, rightly proud of all its advancements in science and technology, its spectacular improvements in infrastructure and IT. And yet, we're weighed down by devastating inequalities, by a huge population that remains untouched by well- meaning acts like the Right to Education, and a large gender inequality. At Agaram, we want to make a difference in the lives of the millions who are not yet touched by education.
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கதைகளில் பேசும் குழந்தைகள்



செந்தில் ஜெகன்நாதன்

அறம் செய்ய விரும்புவோம்



தன்னார்வலர்கள் கள அனுபவங்களின் தொகுப்பு

உலகம் பிறந்தது நமக்காக!



முன்னாள் மாணவர்கள்,...

வித்தியாசம்தான் அழகு



ச. மாடசாமி


To bring about a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual.
Agaram Foundation/surya

Founders Message

R.S. Suriya, Founder, Agaram Foundation.

"I strongly believe that we can eliminate social evils and uplift the society only through education. Through Agaram, we reach out to deserving students from most backward parts of the country and provide them with opportunities to not only complete their education, but also transform into confident, competent and socially responsible individuals.

"Education has got the power to make a human civilized and face the challenges of life. Education is an answer to the economic imbalance of an individual, religion and caste divide that prevails in the society and could be an important factor that blocks the above being transferred to the next generation."

"I am confident that the beneficiaries of Agaram, whom we nurture today, will soon become the much needed catalysts to bring about the positive transformation in their families, communities and society at large."