Adopt a Village

While surveying the worst affected areas we came across many villages that had been cut off from civilization. Any attempt to assess the extent of loss, both to people and property was challenging.

These colonies are located far away from the village, and relief does not reach them. Each of these villages located far away from nearby villages presents a huge opportunity to make a change. They have no basic necessities and their children don’t go to school. We decided to adopt these villages, provide for basic amenities like identity, infrastructure, water, food, shelter, heath, education, livelihood to enable the community for sustained growth.

After visiting the major flood affected areas Agaram foundation has decided to take up large-scale rehabilitation of 3 villages -Nelvai, Kachur and Keragambakkam in Tiruvallur district, and turn them into model villages. About 52 in Nelvai, 72 in Kachur and 47 Irula families in Keragambakkam will be rehabilitated.

Major Challenges
  • No Identity Cards
  • Children don’t go to School
  • No awareness of Health & Hygiene
  • Cut off from civilization
  • Uncertain livelihood

We have drawn up a six-point road map that will rehabilitate these families holistically. Cost estimation for the fulfilling the needs of these village has been completed. If corporate come forward we will be able to support many more village adoptions. Agaram is willing to share the expertise and help corporate setup the model villages or can run the program on behalf of the corporate with complete transparency.