September 2006 Started by well-known film actor R.S Suriya
Jun 2007 Adoption of The Government Adidravida Welfare School in Palur, Chengalpattu district
Set-up a library in the school
May 2008 Produced and released "Herova... Zerova", a short film emphasising the need for education
June 2008 Launch of "Agaram Katral Maiyam", the learning centres to provide basic coaching and special skills programs for children in rural parts of Tamilnadu.
Nov 2008 Agaram website launch
April 2009 Launch of "Vazhikatigal", the mentorship program focussed on nurturing school children from remote parts of Tamilnadu
January 2010 Vidhai" (Tamil word that meaning "Seed"), an initiative with the goal to create awareness for Agaram's initiatives and increase participation
Scouting for deserving students to help them with college education under "Vidhai" banner
June 2010 First batch of 160 students from 35 districts of Tamilnadu benefitting from Vidhai
June 2011 217 students selected to join colleges, supported by "Vidhai"
June 2012 128 students supported for college education by "Vidhai"
June 2013 194 students selected by "Vidhai" for college education support
10 Agaram beneficiaries completed their courses and graduated
June 2014 225 students supported by "Vidhai" for college education
Agaram beneficiaries completed their courses and graduated