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About Us

About Us

Imparting Quality Education
Established on 25th September, 2006 by renowned Film Actor Mr. Suriya, Agaram aims to provide quality education to the under-privileged and deserving students. We strive to bridge the gap between these deserving candidates and quality education by overcoming the barriers in acquiring it. With the firm belief that the educated mind can not only eliminate social evils but also aid in the socio-economic upbringing of the society, we work towards providing appropriate learning opportunities to the rural populace who do not otherwise have access to quality education.

"To bring about a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual."

In our endeavour to offer quality education to the deprived, our objectives are as follows:

  • To identify educational institutions where we can enhance the quality of amenities and the faculty. This will in turn bring about a significant positive change in the quality of education for its students.
  • To create a sense of awareness on the importance of education and its significance among the rural masses.
  • To establish Out-of-school Learning Centers in rural areas that provides students with quality tuition on the curriculum along with special emphasis on soft skills for overall personality development.
  • To be a reliable link between the deserving individual and Samaritans who are willing to aid. To cater to the educational requirement and monitor the development of the deserved individual.
  • To identify and gather a group of capable individuals within a rural community who would take up the task of imparting and ensuring quality education and amenities to the deserving students within their own society.
  • To establish an educational institution in the long run, that is committed to imparting quality education and personality development for students in the rural areas.
  • Vazhikatigal volunteer meet
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  • Vazhikatigal Student House Visit held
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  • Vazhikatigal Science Workshop held at Achariya International School
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  • Vazhikatigal Arts & Crafts, Cultural Workshop held at VIT, Chennai Campus
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  • 4 of the Activity Based Learning (ABL) classes held for the 7th Std Students
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  • Vidhai Workshops held during January – May 2013
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  • Volunteer Intro Meetings held during January – May 2013
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